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HMJ - Hamdan Medical Journal

Medical profession undergoes rapid changes and often face huge surge of fresh developments all the time and this makes it difficult for the those busy clinicians to get updated on these developments around the world.

Hamdan Medical Journal aims to address this issue of "information overload" by providing the clinicians with summary reports of each and every most recent updates in their area of specialty. The updates of the HMJ include original research articles, interview with experts, and opinions and stories of the latest breakthroughs in the medical field. We have no doubt that the journal will be able provide a big platform for sharing of experiences and information that will help to improve health care across the world.

Professor Harald Rosen leads the journal,supported by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktom Award for Medical sciences. By leading the talented researchers and doctors around the world the Award has created a rich resource of work and that's what serves as the foundation of the journal over the years.

As soon as they undergo peer review and gets accepted,the HMJ publishes these articles online. This content will then get allocated to 3 issues per year. Please go through the author guidelines to get details of the peer review system. The articles have no publication fee and all the content can be accessible freely online.

Proposals, Submissions, and comments from medical practitioners across the world are welcomed by the journal.

MIS Software for Customs (CSEZ)

Cochin SEZ is a Special Economic Zone in Cochin, Kerala, set up for ventures that are export- oriented. Indian Government directly runs the Zone to facilitate foreign direct investment. CSEZ can be considered as a foreign territory inside India with special investment friendly rules.

The Customs Management information System was developed for the Special Customs unit which is deployed exclusively for CSEZ. The Customs MIS is a LAN based software package which manages all the customs operations conducted in CSEZ.

From data management to report generation there are wide range of processes carried out in the Customs section of CSEZ. Maintaining details of the bills filed by the different units under CSEZ like Shipping Bills, Bills of Entries etc are also examples of Customs related data.

Various staff from CSEZ validates and enters the data and the reports generated ,which was a tedious and time consuming process.

We created the MIS software which cover works like filing process of bills, register generation and generating reports based on the data.

The administrator can allot privileges to staffs of various departments to access their corresponding sections. (Zonal based operations also supported).

With inbuilt validation procedures this software enables fast and effective management of customs data. A wide range of reports can be automatically generated from the collected data from different forms. In addition to that MIS offers useful search option and print facility and reduces the strain of staff of manually generating the reports and registers.,

The efficiency of the section was increased by 40 % after implementing this software.